Important !! COVID-19 and the processing of personal data in the workplace

If you want to process personal data in order to combat the risks in the context of COVID-19, carefully analyze the risks and limitations in the context of welfare legislation but also data protection law.

In addition, where processing is permissible, GDPR principles must be strictly adhered to, including:

• Minimal data processing (only process what is strictly necessary);

• Storage limitation (keep the data for as long as necessary);

• Compliance with the transparency obligation;

• Data security and limitation of access to a limited list of persons with a confidentiality obligation

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Fast, efficient and secure visitor registration. Checklist - Features Embrace technology and go digital.

The application works on a desktop, tablet or a touch kiosk. Visitors can register or sign out with or without a personalized printed badge.

The visitor must provide his/her personal details, contact person, the arrival and departure time, license plate, ... Checking out can be done easily by entering their name or by scanning out the badge.

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  • Make a good first impression. Embrace technology and go digital.

    • Professional and customer-friendly reception 
    • Targeted information and communication on arrival
    • Personalized printable badges
    • Easy and simple visitor(s) registration 
  • Make visitors aware of safety and confidentiality rules, keeping your facilities and data safe.

    • Meets various standards (ISO, GDPR, ...)
    • Communication of all kinds of regulations (safety, ...,)
    • Respect for the privacy of your company and your visitors 
  • Have an overview of who is on site or in the building.

    • Real time dashboard history of visitors, ...
    • Easy filter possibility on visits, ...
    • Extensive reporting possible 

  • User-Friendly application set-up over Lan or Cloud.

    • Easy parameterization of companies, entry gates, sites
    • Easy management of employees, visitors, hosts
    • Additional info pages and custom fields can be added
    • Consultancy implementation conform ISO, GDPR, ...