Features visitor registration

Do you wich to personalize content per visitor type, company, entry gate or site ? 

Notification host/co-worker via Email -SMS arrival visitors 

Bulk registration visitors

Multiple sign-in flows visitors

Auto Check-in/Check-out

Barcode scanner for frequent visitors


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  • Customized UI

    Hands on user interface in your branding. Customizable home splash screen. Customizable time zones.

  • Multi-Content

    You can personalize content per visitor type, company, entry gate or site. Custom fields can be added also. 

  • Multi-Screen

    The application is hardware independent. This means suitable for desktop, tablet or touch kiosk. 

  • Multiple Companies

    One building can have multiple companies, divisions or entry gates. These can be set-up separately and can have a home splash page. 

  • Multiple Entry gates

    Most companies have a reception and logistic gate entry. Depending on each entry type, the content can be different. 

  • Multiple Sites

    Some companies have multiple locations, divisions or entry gates, these can be set-up separately. 

  • Multi-Languages

    Our application is standard available in four languages. 

  • Bulk Registration

    This functionality allows you to register and check out a group in one batch. 

  • API-Integration

    Synchronization and communication with external applications is possible. Integration with third party hardware also (scanner, readers, printers, servers, ....) 

    • One or multiple companies
    • One or multiple locations/divisions
    • One or multiple entry gates
    • Customized branding
    • Customized content
    • Unlimited visitors
    • Email notifications
    • SMS notifications
    • Bulk registration
    • Analytic dashboard
    • Multiple sign-in flows
    • Auto Check-in/Check-out
    • Badge printing
    • Barcode scanner for frequent visitors
    • Data export of visitors and companies
    • Import possibility of co-workers/employees
    • Customizable time zones
    • Customizable home splash screen