Features visitor registration system app - virtual reception -electronic reception

Discover the benefits of our flexible visitor registration app.

  • Digital, simple and fast registration of all your visitors
  • Get rid of paper registration lists
  • Up-to-date consultable attendance list
  • E-mail notification to your host, contact person or employee
  • Increased security through information and acceptance of the internal security and GDPR procedures
  • Personalized badge for every visitor

Our visitor registration app is a product developed and supported by DDI Services.

Given the activity of DDI Services, namely tailor-made design and development, we were asked for a software solution that enables simple and electronic registration of visitors.A private visitor registration system was developed.

The result is an affordable yet complete and flexible visitor registration software app adaptable to the specific questions and needs of each company.

Our visitor app software offers many possibilities.

  • Customized UI

    Hands on user interface in your branding. Customizable home splash screen. Customizable time zones.

  • Multi-Content

    You can personalize content per visitor type, company, entry gate or site. Custom fields can be added also. 

  • Multi-Screen

    The application is hardware independent. This means suitable for desktop, tablet or touch kiosk. 

  • Multiple Companies

    One building can have multiple companies, divisions or entry gates. These can be set-up separately and can have a home splash page. 

  • Multiple Entry gates

    Most companies have a reception and logistic gate entry. Depending on each entry type, the content can be different. 

  • Multiple Sites

    Some companies have multiple locations, divisions or entry gates, these can be set-up separately. 

  • Multi-Languages

    Our application is standard available in four languages. 

  • Bulk Registration

    This functionality allows you to register and check out a group in one batch. 

  • API-Integration

    Synchronization and communication with external applications is possible. Integration with third party hardware also (scanner, readers, printers, servers, ....) 

    • One or multiple companies
    • One or multiple locations/divisions
    • One or multiple entry gates
    • Customized branding
    • Customized content
    • Unlimited visitors
    • Email notifications
    • SMS notifications
    • Bulk registration
    • Analytic dashboard
    • Multiple sign-in flows
    • Auto Check-in/Check-out
    • Badge printing
    • Barcode scanner for frequent visitors
    • Data export of visitors and companies
    • Import possibility of co-workers/employees
    • Customizable time zones
    • Customizable home splash screen

Do you wich to personalize content per visitor type, company, entry gate or site ? 

Notification host/co-worker via Email -SMS arrival visitors 

Bulk registration visitors

Multiple sign-in flows visitors

Auto Check-in/Check-out

Barcode scanner for frequent visitors


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